Manta Extreme Point 5


Condition 10.0/10.0 Like New Karina Signature Edition

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Our Extreme Point .5 has gotten a NEW, updated look. In order to make room, we are clearing out our discontinued stock and passing the savings onto you! Same great paddle at a discounted price!

This paddle offers great control due to it's polymer honeycomb core construction and fiberglass skin.  It's traditional shape gives one of  the biggest sweet spots on it's playing surface and offers maximum power. It is also considered "quite" and is approved for play at most noise restricted parks.


SKIN - Fiberglass
CORE - 1/2" Polymer Honeycomb
AVG. WEIGHT - 7.7oz - 8.0oz
WIDTH - 8"
LENGTH - 15 1/4"
GRIP SIZE - 4 1/4"

SUGGESTED PLAYER TYPE: Intermediate to Advanced

Great for both indoor and outdoor play

This pickleball paddle is constructed of Fiberglass/Composite skin with a Polymer Honeycomb 1/2" core. These paddles traditionally give you great control and great power and are considered a "quiet" sounding paddle. They weigh in between 7.6oz and 7.9oz. 

The EXTREME POINT .5 is "USAPA Approved

  • May not contain the "USAPA APPROVED" logo 
  • Is a "USAPA APPROVED" paddle
  • Perfect for recreational players